I love when people tell more about themselves, so I figured I should probably…

by | February 23, 2019

I love when people tell more about themselves, so I figured I should probably do it for once! ❤️ Here’s a few facts about myself and I’m gonna tag my sisters to do the same… (@brandon_michael_jn15 @zachnwhitbates @websterforever @bobby_torilayne_smith @carlinbates98 @josie_balka @kgbates2000) let the fun begin! ? 1. I love Jesus with all my heart. 2. I married Chad a little over 5 years ago. And he far surpasses any dream I could’ve ever had. He is basically an angel that lives on earth! (Seriously, who else gives foot rubs almost every day, and can build anything you can draw on a piece of paper?)??‍♀️ 3. My pet name for him is “Bambi” or “Baby Love” – and I actually don’t even know how that came about, but I like it! ☺️ 4. We have three beautiful children – Carson (3), Brooklyn (2), and Everly (11 mo.). I look forward to every single day with my babies. Yes, I’ll admit it’s a big work load, but I could have a million of them, because they bring so much joy into our lives. ❤️ Sometimes I wonder if I have more fun with the play dough and bath paint than they do though. (Please tell me I’m not alone? ??‍♀️). 4. It’s not a rare thing for me and my babies to stay in our PJs all day ?- or even for a couple days in a row! ? 5. I LOVE to decorate or design – especially on a budget (because who has a lot of money?) ? Chad can repurpose or build anything – literally! And he loves to do projects… lucky for me! ? 6. We live in a little rental house, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains – little stream and all! Max is our dog, and everyone adores him. The kids usually try to feed him any treat they get! ☺️We have 2 Pygmy goats, and they love to be petted. 7. I love to cook or bake, and I’m constantly trying out new recipes – so feel free to send me some of your faves! ? 8. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 5 years old, and it is my passion. ❤️

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