Weekly Devotional

A Response of Faith

As we chatted happily and listened to Finley’s coos, I looked down at the dashboard and was shocked to see that we were below empty on the gas tank! I guess I had just gotten lost in the conversation and completely forgotten about the need to fill the gas tank. I watched the blinking light flash, “0 miles till empty,” and my mind raced to all the different scenarios I could envision us in. 

Slow to Speak

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend, and as it continued and continued, you eventually realized they had quite a bit to talk about but no interest in listening? 

Choosing Love

Through these short years, I’ve learned an important truth about love that may sound trite to you. But recognizing this truth about love is humbling and fills my heart with gratitude & awe for my sweet Erin.

Pruning Season

I love gardening. Every step of the process brings me joy. It’s pruning season now, and I enjoy cutting the dead parts off each shrub or flower because I can envision how it will make it stronger and more fruitful during the blooming period this year.

Just Ask

I realized that I desperately needed something. I needed an ability that couldn’t be bought with money or bartered for. I needed wisdom — and lots of it.