Weekly Devotional

Stop and Consider

This Sunday no different, except that I found myself more stretched than normal. But something in our preacher's message grabbed my attention and hasn’t left my mind since.

Simple Faith

It is hard to believe that a small child can teach a full grown adult a thing or two, but I have found this to be so true on more than one occasion.

Controlling Substances

A couple weeks ago, someone asked me a question that really made me stop and think. We muttered an answer after we had thought for a second, but the words he said after our explanation just stopped me in my tracks. It was like he made Scripture “come alive” in my heart.

Do You Dream?

I’m not talking about a dream in the night or a passing wish for something you want. I am talking about about a deep desire that you have your heart — an aspiration, a goal, or something that is bigger than yourself?