A Response of Faith

by | March 6, 2023

Last Sunday was hot and steamy, which I’m learning isn’t unusual for Florida. This was a special week, though, because Nana Paine was spending some time with us, which was a huge treat! 

We were driving home from church, and tummies were ready for lunch! As we chatted happily and listened to Finley’s coos, I looked down at the dashboard and was shocked to see that we were below empty on the gas tank! I guess I had just gotten lost in the conversation and completely forgotten about the need to fill the gas tank. I watched the blinking light flash, “0 miles till empty,” and my mind raced to all the different scenarios I could envision us in. 

You know, like sitting outside on the grass trying to find shade for the babies, as Chad walked 6 miles in his cowboy boots to a gas station. I could almost feel the sweat dripping off my face and a sign that read, “negligent parents let vehicle run out of gas!” I couldn’t believe I had forgotten such an important thing, and now there wasn’t a single fuel station for miles. I was so frustrated with myself. 

As I glanced over at Nana, though, she immediately just started praying out loud. She was praying with such confidence and faith — faith that we were going to make it to the gas station. I was trying not to look like I was full of doubt, though in my heart I was thinking there was NO way we could make it that far when we were below empty. 

She just kept praying, and I saw her notice my skeptical face. She looked at me and graciously said, “Erin, the God we serve is powerful. Don’t you think He can do this for us? You have to have faith in our big God.” She resumed her prayer as I started doing some soul searching. It was convicting. In my mind, I had us all on the side of the road — and in Nana’s mind, she had us pulling into the gas station. 

It was a gentle reminder for me first to bring my troubles to God. I know in my mind that prayer is just as big as God is, but sometimes it doesn’t show in my actions and my heart. 

Second, I want to remember what our God has done in the past, and have faith in what He is able to do here in the present. Faith can move mountains. 

With every mile we drove, I felt my faith grow a little bigger. 

I just wanted to lift my hands in praise as we pulled in by the pump! It was a beautiful sight for all of us. I thanked the Lord for answering our prayers, more importantly, for speaking to my heart in a big way. 

Hebrews 11:6 says, “But without faith, it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.” 

God cares about the tiny sparrows — don’t you think He cares about you and me and the things that are important to us?

Be encouraged.


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