Baby Feet

by | July 25, 2022

I have a thing for baby feet. Call me strange, but I love to smell them, squeeze them, and just kiss them all over! Maybe it’s a mama thing, but my heart swells up so big when my baby’s grin turns to laughter watching me make funny sounds and pretend to eat her squishy toes. 

Yesterday as I was playing with my little Finley girl, I held onto hands and helped her take one step a time, as she walked in my footsteps. I looked at her tiny curled up toes and my first was how my little girl would want to mirror what she sees her mama do — the footsteps I take each day. I felt extremely privileged, honored, and maybe overwhelmed by the responsibility to be not just a good example to her, but I want to mirror Jesus to her. I want her to see me find strength in Someone so much bigger than my own self. 

I want her to see the joy that comes from a relationship with the One who created me. I want her to see the fire that burns deep inside my heart. A fire to tell others about Him. A fire to love the way He loves. A fire to be like Him. As she walks in my footsteps, I want to be walking in His but footsteps. As she finds comfort and joy from her mama, I want to find it through knowing and loving Christ. He is gentle. He is humility. He is love. He is truth. He is holy. He is the perfect example. 

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27

Friends, let’s keep walking in the footsteps of our Heavenly Father as we love on our babies each and every day . . . and keep kissing those tiny feet!

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