by | February 19, 2024

She tugged on my skirt, eyes wide open and full of anticipation as she eagerly awaited my response. “Mama, want go wit you!” Her eyes sparkled like the bluest ocean. As I quickly grabbed my purse, I couldn’t resist her sweet little cheeks and sticky hand holding on to mine, although I tried to tell her I wasn’t leaving for a “fun” errand. I restated how it would be boring and just a car ride, but no matter how I tried to tell her, her expression never changed as she just kept saying, “Want go wit you!” She smiled with glee as I scooped her up, telling her I would love to have her with me.  
As I started driving, I thought about how my children make me feel so loved and special. I looked back in the rearview mirror only to see her smile widen as she caught my glance. She was just so happy to be with me. She didn’t mind that we were not getting anything special or that it wasn’t an exciting trip. She just wanted to be together. She was content being with her mama. She didn’t need anything else.  
I started thinking of my Heavenly Father and my relationship with Him. I wish I were as trusting as my two-year-old Finley is with me. She had no worries about the road ahead. She had no fears of where we were going. She was happy knowing she was with me, not for what I could give her, but because she loved being with me.  
Often, I know the time I spend with the Lord is shadowed by what I am asking for or fears of the future, but sometimes I need to be WITH Him. I want to find my joy from being in His presence. I can be at peace and enjoy the time spent with Him because I know He will take care of me. He loves me more than anyone. He wants the best for me. And the most amazing part is He loves being close to me. What an awesome thought. It is humbling but so beautiful to me.
“Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”
Psalm 16:11 
Take time to be with your Heavenly Father today and find joy being in His presence.
Be encouraged,


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