For Her, On Our Special Day

by | November 1, 2017

…This post is dedicated to my True Love…

Have you ever tried to write about someone who is very close to your heart, only to be at a loss for words? Have you ever tried to describe your very best friend?…ya know, the one who loves you even when you are in a bad mood or when you do something stupid? Have you ever thought you knew what true love was?…only to watch your spouse demonstrate sacrificial love as she mothers your children and gives of her time and self to others, helping you see how little you know about the true meaning of love? Yes, if you haven’t guessed it, I am trying to write about my dear sweet, beautiful wife, Erin.

Four years seemed like a really long time back when I was a kid growing up. Now it seems as if that period of time is over about as fast as it takes to turn a few pages in a book. These past four years are full of precious memories for me. They are full of laughter, tears, learning, and growing together. They have been the best years of my life! I don’t know why God blessed me the way He has with such a wonderful woman. I never knew God could put so much “amazingness” in just one person! But Erin continues to surprise and impress me with just being herself. She is genuine and real. One of the biggest things that sets Erin apart from many others is that Erin really cares about other people. She doesn’t care about money, about gain, about popularity, or about how she can further herself…all she cares about is others. And it starts in a small circle called “our family.” There isn’t anything that I would ever want to change about her. She is perfect in every way. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for us and so many others.

Erin is my biggest inspiration. Not only does she inspire and encourage me to pursue my dreams and keep moving forward in this journey we call life, but she also puts a smile on countless faces. She is my day-brightener, my night song, my sweetheart, my girl, and my forever friend. I love her and I look forward to loving her till I breath my very last.
I love you, Erin.

– YF

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