by | July 23, 2011

A month or so ago, I was asked to go to Peru. At first, I hesitated. I knew that a trip like this would definitely take me out of my “comfort zone” and stretch me. =) I did not have much time to make this decision either, and some sometimes…I really procrastinate!
 Through my Dad’s counsel, I decided that this was an open door that the Lord  was beckoning me through. I must be honest and admit that I have not had a passion for serving in other countries like I should have. My prayer is that through this trip, I will have a greater love for the Lord, a greater love for my brothers and sisters in Christ, and a greater love for the lost. 
I am really excited about this trip though I have so many questions as to what will take place. =) But God is 100% in control and I am trusting that He will accomplish His perfect purposes through this adventure. 
Please pray for the team and especially for those orchestrating the trip that God will give wisdom and guidance. We will be leaving early like Monday morning…like 3am! =)
We will all be needing God’s grace and strength for sure!
One thing that is going to make this trip so special is that I get to go with Thomas and Tabitha. I am anticipating great things through this time!

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