Quiet Before Him

by | January 24, 2012

Being quiet
before the Lord can sometimes be a challenging thing.
I think
that’s why Jesus saw fit to find wilderness places to spend time with the
Father. When physically alone, my soul must be quieted before Him. My mind
lifted up to heavenly thoughts, my will surrendered to God’s will, and my
affections set upon things above. As I do this, I can hear His voice. It’s
amazing what you can hear when things are really quiet in your soul!
God has truly
been sharing some amazing visions, thoughts, and plans that He has for me. It
can be exciting, but at the same time a fearful thing to the flesh. With a revelation of a
vision comes the call to die. I recognize that complete surrender and death of
self must occur before His visions, His purposes, and His passions can be brought
to fruition.
“…Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone:
but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit” (John 12:24).
I like how
Eric Ludy puts it in his book The
Bravehearted Gospel
. Sharing about Job and Jesus’ lives of consecration:
brave hearted life, the life of Job, the life of Jesus, is nothing less than
the handing over of the keys to our possessions, our soul, and our future to
God, and saying, “For whatever it’s worth, this whole outfit from top to
bottom, from left to right, from here to there, inside and out, the whole
kit-n-caboodle is yours to do with and spend as you see fit.” It’s offering not
just the scraps but the whole of our very existence to our God-King saying, “I
know that there’s not much here to work with. But please take it, break it,
multiply it, and feed the hungry. And whether by pain or by comfort, whether by
sorrow or by joy, whether by life or by my death, glorify Thy name in all the
These kind of
things get me thinking…and get me excited!
 Be blessed today!
~ Chad

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