Simple Beauty…

by | June 7, 2010

…is there such a thing? I would have to say yes to this question wholeheartedly.
Though flowers aren’t really a guy thing, I can’t help but admire their fragile beauty. I tend to look at flowers as a rather simple thing, yet a closer look reveals it’s beautiful complexity. The business of life tends to push out all time for simply admiring God’s handiwork. I am amazed by the intricate detail and the unique design of each and every flower. I guess “simple beauty” is not so simple after all.
This evening I spent a short time photographing this incredible flower. Andy told me the name of it…but I forgot it already. =) Though it is small and lasts only a season, the beauty only points to our Awesome Creator.

God bless your week!…and don’t forget to stop and smell (see) the flowers!

PS – I thought the following link was pretty interesting. =)

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