The Storm

by | July 28, 2012

I want to be like Jesus.

I think this is the heart that every Christian should desire. But as I ask the Lord to make me more and more like His Son, I somehow assume in my heart that this will come without storms, fires, and winds. When these things come and try my faith, purify my heart, and reveal the real “me“, I cry out inside and often ask God “Why?!”
I feel I have a right that the circumstances of life should be free from storms. But what I don’t realize is that the storms of life are essential for growth and fruitfulness in life! Without the storms there would be no rain and therefore, death…without the fire there would be no purification and therefore, decay…without the winds there would be no strengthening to stand and therefore, a fall.
A good friend of mine that I admire, ends his prayers with a plea along these lines: “Lord, please empty us of ourselves so that we can be filled up with You!”
This is what I want in my life! But it comes with storms…because Jesus was a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief. He faced storms and trials to the greatest extent and yet He didn’t back down from them! He fulfilled the Fathers will and the beautiful fruit of His life can be enjoyed by all who call on His name to be saved! And not only through salvation do we enjoy His sacrificial gift of love, but we can have a true joy and peace and can find complete satisfaction in an intimate relationship and fellowship with Him all the days of our life!! (Psalm 16:11)
It is through the storms of life that the most beautiful things can come! It was through the horrific storm of the cross that God gave to us the Most Beautiful thing!!
I must choose to embrace the storms! Yes, they are not easy! But they are good and essential to my growth, fruitfulness, and usability for His kingdom. Maybe it’s not a storm…maybe it’s a gentle rain to help me be more grateful for the sunshine…maybe it’s just a cloudy day that helps me me turn my eyes to Jesus for light and direction…He will use these things to draw us to Himself! I think God uses the cloudy days, and the gentle rains to prepare me for the bigger storms in life. But if the storm comes in fast and furious, I know that He is in control of that storm and He will accomplish that which He pleases through the storm if I embrace it!! He can always say…PEACE, be still.
I choose to embrace the storms…and I look for the beauty that they will bring!!

Psalm 28:7

(I was inspired to write this after I read Streams in the Desert for today =)

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