Thoughts … Psalm 50:15

by | May 22, 2011

Well…it’s quiet around the house without the rest of the family. =) They all left on a road trip down to Oklahoma to pick up Abby in Oklahoma City. So it’s just me and Tommy boy. Nate gets back today from Northwoods! I can’t wait to catch up with him!
It has been quiet, but that has given me the opportunity to think. Just to slow down and think. Last night, I was able to just lay out on a trampoline and look up at the stars and simply and plainly talk to God. That just blows me away sometimes. A God so big, so mighty, so wonderful, so powerful as my God, would have time for me and will hear me. The verse came to mind from Psalm 50, verse 15. 

“And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me”
What is a day of trouble? I guess I tend to think that a day of trouble is when things are really going wrong…when I am facing BIG problems. But, is there such a thing as a small problem? Maybe. However, my small problems or difficulties usually turn into BIG ones if not confronted and dealt with. Therefore, a day of trouble…could be a day where I struggle with total surrender. It could be a day I struggle with my attitude or how I communicate or speak to someone. Thus, this verse is a promise I can claim…just about everyday. =)
It’s a promise! All I have to do is claim it! 
God is good. He has time to hear me call when I have a problem, when I am rejoicing, when things are going well at work, when I am tired, whatever the situation. He is There…for me. It blows me away…everytime.  
Well, I guess this is rather random, but it came from my heart. I hope that you can spend today calling upon Him…and simply talking to Him. Because He is there…always!
~ Chad

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