6 reviews for Lullaby

  1. Melissa Navarro (verified owner)

    I love this music, all her music is so beautiful, I love playing this for my newborn baby girl. It helps her fall asleep.

  2. Peggy Williams (verified owner)

    My niece is expecting her third child. She loves the Bates’ family, and she was so excited to receive the CD, “Lullaby.” She immediately recognized Erin and was so happy to have a copy of her music for her baby girl, who is expected to arrive in August!

  3. Shaunte Perez

    I love this album. I originally bought it when it was first released and my son was little. We all slept to it every night. It helps calm his autistic brain. We hadn’t listened to it in awhile and I realized I misplaced it. He has really been into music lately. He is 9 now. So I bought a new copy =) We love it. Keep doing what your doing Erin!

  4. Janet

    so sweet and soothing. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Mary

    Love this so much! I play this at nap time and bedtime for my 2 year old daughter and 2 month old son. Even on the fussiest days this puts them right to sleep. Beautiful music!

  6. Carissa Lloyd (verified owner)

    My two little girls (11 months and 2) fall asleep to your music from Lullaby every night. I just love how peaceful and soothing this CD is and find myself looking forward to turning it on every night as well. Such beautiful arrangements!

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