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We’re a small family that loves making big memories. We live in a small, country cottage nestled in the hills of Tennessee.

Our faith, our families, and our friends are the most important treasures that we have. We love sharing our experiences, our adventures, our challenges, and our happy times with others. It is our prayer that this site will encourage and inspire you in this wonderful journey of life.

Chad Paine

Chad grew up in a large family in northern Indiana. At an early age he grew to love working on the farm, raising goats and chickens, and driving the tractor. He is probably the most diligent person you will ever meet, and he credits his dad for his strong work ethic. He spent many years working with youth and his humble and gentle spirit impacted countless lives. He graduated from a private College with an Associates in Youth Ministry. In 2013, he moved to Tennessee and married the love of his life, Erin Bates.

Over the years he has really enjoyed working with his hands, refinishing furniture, remodeling, and building projects. Chad started Paine Construction in 2017, and stays quite busy working full time, and making people’s dreams come to life. He is a proud father to 4 children, and every evening you can find him giving the kids wild piggy-back rides, breathtaking pushes on the swing , and telling the most exciting Bible stories. He is constantly investing into his family, and there is no job at home that he isn’t willing to do. He is a true example of a Christian and leads his family by serving, loving, and giving.

Erin Bates Paine

Erin Bates Paine is a native Tennessean who has lived in the greater Knoxville area all of her life. Growing up in a family of 19 children, there was never a dull moment for her. Erin graduated with honors and earned a bachelor’s degree in music from Crown College of the Bible. She is an accomplished pianist and has released 5 studio albums. Erin fell in love with and married the man of her dreams in November of 2013. They now have 4 beautiful blessings, and are adding to their brood early 2022. Erin is Chad’s biggest inspiration for projects in and outside the home. She is extremely creative and has a wonderful eye for home decor and artistic designs. She adds a beautiful touch around her home and in the homes of those around her.

Erin finds fulfillment and joy from being a full time mother, homeschooling her two oldest, making dinners from scratch, and growing every flower she can find. She has a desire to minister to other women and encourage them to deepen their relationship with the Lord. You will often hear her saying, “Make your time with Jesus your priority each day, and make a choice to surround yourself with people and media that will challenge you spiritually. Life is too short to waste our time and eternity is too great.”

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Another beach day in the books 🌊☀️
#familytime #florida #beach #sunshine
I could’ve never dreamed of the life I’m living now… it has not always been easy, but goodness, He has been so faithful every step of the way. He has shown Himself strong in providing for our needs, for answering prayers, and for keeping every promise He ever made. As I heard my Dad say last week, “This life is not about me and building a name for myself. It is all about Jesus and bringing glory to His name.” He is really all that matters. 
I’m thankful for Jesus and the family He has given. ❤️

📷 @lydiaromeikebates Thank you!😍
A little photo dump of my time in Tennessee with family ❤️ I was so grateful to meet my new nephew and be with my sister during such a special time! Weston is precious and so tiny. 🤍The time we spent with family just felt like a blink, but goodness, I am so thankful my parents had a lot of kids! It always feels like a reunion when we're together. I love them so much! 🤍
I'm so proud of you, sweet Brooklyn! God has big plans for you! Just keep singing for Him! 😍🫶 

So Much To Thank Him For 
Verse 1
When I look around and see
The good things He does for me
I know I’m unworthy of them all 
And His blessings He freely gives I owe my life to Him
I’ve got so much to thank Him for

I’ve got so much to thank Him for 
So much to praise Him for
You see, He has been so good to me 
When I think of what He’s done
And where He’s brought me from
 I’ve got so much to thank Him for

Verse 2
Sometimes while on this way
I kneel and I stop and say
“Thank You, Lord,” for all You’ve done for me One day I’ll reach Heaven’s shore
Oh please let me kneel once more
I’ve got so much to thank Him for

I’ve got so much to thank Him for 
So much to praise Him for
You see, He has been so good to me 
When I think of what He’s done
And where He’s brought me from
 I’ve got so much to thank Him for
#singingforJesus #church #Brooky #BrooklynElise #7yearsold
Grandpa and Granny came to visit and brought some of my siblings with them! ♥️Goodness, we miss living closer, but it makes us all the more grateful for times like this! I have the best parents, and I thank the Lord for them! 😍 @thebatesfam
Happy 9th Birthday, Charles! ❤️ It seems like just yesterday your Daddy and I were on our knees asking God to bless us with a baby… Since the day you were born, you have filled our hearts and lives with so much joy and love. God has already used you to encourage so many. This year has been one to remember since God answered your prayers to give you a baby brother. I've never seen a tighter bond between brothers. I'm not sure who is smiling bigger when you are together. ☺️You are the kindest and most thoughtful boy I've ever known. You are so much like your daddy. 😘 I know God has His hand on your life, and you will do great things for Him. We all adore you. You're a phenomenal pianist and artist, and I can't wait to see all the adventures we pursue this year! Keep Jesus first always! 😘
#charlesstephenpaineiv #9yearsold #birthday
Granny is here, and we worked on making “Crazy Hats” for the kids Patch the Pirate clubs at church tonight! 🎩👒 Uncle Jeb keeps us all laughing! 😂 So happy to have family in town! ❤️@thebatesfam @patchthepirateadventures 
#gumballmachine #spaghettinoodles #happyhat #rainandClouds #prettyPink
Feeling so grateful today! ❤️ 

It is the whole experience… unwrapping a gift, untying a bow, and opening a card. We hope the smell of top-grain leather and lavender bath salts is the first thing you notice when you open our gift. Here, at our shop, EVERY LITTLE DETAIL matters because every person matters. 💕
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Time on the farm seems to move a lot slower… front porch sitting, long conversations, and heartfelt hugs. ❤️ It's one of our favorite places to be. Saying goodbye gets a little harder with each visit! We're coming back soon Jane Jane and Papa Bill… I promise! 😘 
I'm so grateful we got to spend time with my parents @thebatesfam and some of my siblings while there! @bobby_torilayne_smith @tracewbates @lydiaromeikebates 🥹 Goodness, I love all these people! 😍
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Which promise from God’s Word do you need to claim today? 
After months of creating, we just released ✨Volume 2✨ of our Promise Cards (30 laminated cards highlighting promises from Scripture).


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