Christmas and the Greatest Gift

by | December 20, 2021

I have such fond memories of Christmas growing up. It was such a time of celebration, really good food, and of course gift-giving.

My mom has always been a really good gift-giver. She always knew what we needed . . . and she even had a good idea what we wanted too! Every gift was thought out and handpicked just for us. No matter how small or large the gift was in terms of monetary value, as a kid I can remember always being overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and joy that would stir up a reciprocating love for my parents.

At the heart of any gift given should be a heart of love. And this is true of the greatest gift that we choose to celebrate this season. A gift undeserved, a gift that meets our greatest need, the gift of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is through this gift that we can have everlasting life if we choose to accept it. It is our prayer for our home and yours that each one of our children will find and receive that amazing gift. What a wonderful way to spend this Christmas, knowing that you have accepted God’s free gift of salvation. He truly loves us.

To find out more about this free gift, watch this message by Adrian Rogers.

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