Blessed be God

by | December 8, 2011

Tomorrow begins the Christmas conference…and Sunday I leave for Peru. Next week my family moves to Oklahoma…and Christmas will be spent there altogether. As you can imagine, life is really busy and a lot is changing in our family. It’s kind of easy to become overwhelmed in the midst of all the happenings. =) The changes really challenge me as to where I am placing my trust and has helped me look to the One who doesn’t change. It’s times like these that I understand and see my weakness and need. But praise Him, He is everything that I am not and everything I need.

“…the God of Israel is he that giveth strength and power unto his people. Blessed be God.”
Psalm 68:35

I am really exciting about these last few weeks of 2011. God is so good and has done so much for me. I am overwhelmed…and to end the year with family, going to Peru, fellowship with others…it’s a wonderful time of year!

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