Busy…like Normal

by | September 12, 2010

It has almost been three weeks since I last posted and yes, it has been that busy. Time to do things other than work has been scarce. The business has definitely kept me away from taking pictures and keeping up with communications. =) The season of business isn’t over yet! Tomorrow a large Journey group will be arriving which will keep us occupied all week long and it appears that the entire month of October has been booked by events. Exciting times.

The leaves continue to gradually change as does the weather. Before long we will be surrounded by the beautiful colors of fall. I can’t wait to start taking pictures. Here are some shots that I have recently taken. I wish I could portray the sounds and feelings that come with views such as these, but I guess that’s what the imagination is for. Photographing nature is catching a small glimpse of the beauty of our Creator.

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