A Fall Day in Hinsdale

by | November 6, 2011

Today…I am sitting inside a Starbucks with my brother, Tommy Boy. Outside, there is a stiff breeze blowing the fallen leaves across the streets and sidewalks of the little town of Hinsdale. It’s overcast and rather dreary…a perfect day for a warm cup of coffee…or hot chocolate (whichever you prefer). LOL
A week ago today, I was driving back from Northwoods with the last guys Journey of the year. My heart was full of gratefulness to God for answered prayer. I know that many people had been holding the four Journey teams up in prayer. God was faithful and merciful to meet is in that place in such an amazing way. The Lord met with every young man on my team in a special way. The walked away with a new sense of God’s presence in their life as they laid down areas of self, pride, bitterness, and lust. God was truly glorified and magnified. He was made much of this week.
At the beginning of the week, my dad had personally challenged to go to Northwoods and die to every dream, desire, plan, wish, and simply cast myself upon Jesus Christ afresh and anew. I did that…and was overwhelmed with His presence. I was keenly aware of a new level of passion and desire for the things of God in my own life. I was so encouraged!
This past week has been a week of catching up on rest and working at the same time… =)
LOL God is so good! I haven’t had much time to write…but I hope to do so sooner than later!
Be blessed and have a great week!

~ Chad…=)

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