Great Friends

by | August 18, 2014

   I have been trying to keep up a regular date-night with my girl, and we chose to visit a special place we really enjoy. It’s romantic, and the scenery is absolutely incredible! (well…I guess the scenery is always incredible when I am with Erin… =). McCloud Mountain resort and restaurant is nestled atop the Cumberland Mountains at an elevation of 2700 feet. About a half mile from the resort is the Chimney Sky walk. The place will take your breath away…I couldn’t wait to break out the camera to capture some shots!
   We decided to bring some really good friends along on our little adventure, Brett & Kelsey. Erin became friends with Kelsey while attending college. Brett and Kelsey were married a few months before us and happily settled down not far from where we live. We attend the same church, and they both have been a blessing and an encouragement! They are expecting a baby girl soon! We are thrilled for them!
   I have learned that the people you hang around are the people you tend to be like…and Brett and Kelsey challenge us in our walk with the Lord and our relationship as a married couple. We are truly blessed with these great friends!

~ Chad…Psalm 121:1-2
 (Always for Erin)

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