Our Little Baby

by | January 23, 2015

   It’s TRUE! Erin is expecting! To say that we are happy is a big understatement! We are absolutely elated with the news of this coming bundle of joy!
    Thinking upon all the events of last year, we are overwhelmed by God’s goodness and faithfulness to us! God has taught us so much through the heart-breaking times. He drew our hearts together as a couple. Yes, there were many tears through the losses, much grieving and sadness, many questions of “why?”…but through those times we were learning to trust Him in a deeper way. We may never get the complete answer to all of our “why’s?”, but we can fully trust the One who knows all the answers. This precious little one is an answer to so many prayers!
   We have been dying to announce this special news, but with this being a high risk pregnancy, we chose to hold off a little longer. We cannot even begin to tell you how blessed and encouraged we have been by the people who have prayed for us and helped us through our journey. Thank you for all the heart-felt emails, encouraging comments, and sweet letters we have received. I only wish there was a better way to express our  deep gratitude for your love and support.
   We can hardly wait till our sweet little baby arrives! Until then, we’ll trust the Lord through these coming months!

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