by | October 13, 2017

Time sure does have a way of slipping right past you. If you aren’t careful, you will miss out on enjoying some of the greatest treasures in life – moments of time that we often fondly call “memories”. Our little family has been hard at work simply making these wonderful memories.
Years ago I thought that I would be able to “keep up” with writing and sharing little bit’s and pieces of my experiences along life’s journey. I always admired people who could somehow carve out time in their busy schedule to stay connected via blog, email, or some other means of communication. I think I assumed that once I had a family of my own I could accomplish these simple feats. Well….about that… =). I guess I have come to learn that finding the time to do these so called “simple” feats is the hard part.
As you can imagine, this year has been full and I can’t imagine it any fuller. To say that God has been good would be an understatement. It would be hard for me to deliberate on all that God has done for our little family, but I would like to take just a moment and give a few small updates over the next few weeks on whats been taking place in our lives. I have always enjoyed writing about those things that are near and dear to my heart, and my family is truly that.
Erin and I both agree that our two little babies are the two things we hold closest to us. Carson and Brooklyn are both growing up so fast. It seems like it was so long ago that I held them both for the very first time, and yet it has only been a few years. Carson is running around all the time and is usually content to play by himself. Between his toy cars, going outside, and coloring, he is the happiest, sweetest little boy that I know. He has surprised us with his ability to talk in full sentences and is adding new words daily to his vocabulary. He has a special closeness and love for his sweet Mommy. He already takes care of her when I am away at work. I am so proud of him. Brooklyn gets into everything and seems to always be cutting teeth. She has a cheesy little grin that’s a mile wide that melts my heart every time. Her favorite word is Da-Da (that’s me of course =). She loves our dog, Max, and is fascinated by any animal. She loves to eat anything and everything and has a special bond with Carson that is so dear to watch with each passing day.
I could never have imagined how the Lord would bless us the way that He has. I am learning more and more of how the most important things in life are people…especially those who God has placed in our lives. For us, Carson and Brooklyn are a treasure. We thank the Lord for them and all they mean to us. We both look forward to every day that we get to spend with them.

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