by | September 14, 2011

Time has a way of slipping by so quickly. Since I last
posted on the 26th of August, much has taken place. I have traveled
all over the country it seems!
Here’s the quick recap…with a few pictures!  =)
My travels began with a trip down to Oklahoma. Mom, Abby, Danny, and me made the
long trek down to drop Abby off for another semester of “In the Gap
ministries. I was sad to see here her go, but I know that the Lord is doing
great things through the ministry their. She loves it!
From Tulsa, I flew to Tampa Bay, Florida
to help to teach Ultimate Quest. The Lord did mighty things in many hearts and
lives and His truth prevailed. I was blessed to work with such a wonderful
group of people. I was blessed by Daniel and Jason’s love the Lord, love for
people, and a love for truth. Their dynamic way of presenting basic principles
of life captures the attention of the young people and invokes a response. I
was blessed with this short trip.
From Tampa Bay, I flew back to Tulsa and stayed in Eagle Springs for a day
or so before heading back to Chi town with Mom and Danny. From Chi town, I left
for Northwoods…and that’s…well…another story (more pictures to come later). =)
I am writing this from my little desk here in Chicago this morning, rejoicing in what the Lord has done. On my walk over here
this morning, I was just overwhelmed with God’s goodness towards me, His
incomprehensible love and mercy. And His love is not just a “one-time act,” but
a rather, it is a continual outpouring that I am showered with daily! He is so good! I am looking forward to sharing with you about my time in Northwoods. =)
Be blessed, He loves you. =)

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