How I Homeschool

by | August 9, 2020

I chose to use Abeka videos because they had so many great reviews and the people that I have met seem to have loved it. I feel that although it is a video, it really helps if I am with my child through the process. It helps me discern their weaknesses and strengths and I am then able to coach them through it.


  • The Bible program is unbelievable. It is packed with captivating stories, Bible memory verses,  prayer time, and songs.
  • Books are colorful and exciting for a child and the content is biblically based. 
  • The curriculum is more advanced in my opinion, which leads to higher test scores. 


  • It’s a lot of screen time. For me personally, I have chosen to only use videos for K5 and first grade, and I personally teach through the books now with Carson (I do still use the Bible videos)
  • Pricey. If you have more than one child using videos, it can add up. 

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