Sent in the Storm

by | March 27, 2023

My brain is spinning as I pause to write this email. As usual, the week has been a blur. There is a list of things a mile high that I haven’t been able to accomplish, bills I need to pay, deadlines I need to meet, big decisions looming up ahead that seem so complicated . . . and then there is Jesus. I know that sounds random, but let me tell you about a message I heard from Pastor Adrian Rodgers at midnight this past week. It helped me — I pray it helps you!  

In Matthew 14, Jesus had just performed the miracle of feeding the 5,000, and then He did something astounding. He sent His disciples into a great storm. He chose to send them into a potentially fearful situation. Yet in the very midst of their storm, Jesus shows up. He tells them to fear not! 365 times our Lord tells us not to be afraid. Jesus’ disciples had a choice to believe in Him, His sovereignty, and His ability to help them. He wanted them to grow through this storm and recognize His power and peace. 

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been through something like that, but I believe there is a beautiful truth and application for any of God’s children facing storms from within, from without, both great and small. Jesus wants us not to fear and fret and look to Him. How do you walk this out in “shoe leather”? 

Something that has helped me is simply telling it to Jesus. There is something about reaching out through prayer, acknowledging that He has the answers. Whatever I need, I can find in Him. You need it, fill in the blank, and Jesus can meet that need. 

If you get 30 minutes this week, I challenge you to listen to this powerful message.

Be encouraged.


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