Tornado in the Living Room

by | August 15, 2022

This week as I looked around my living room, it looked like a tornado had ripped through the place! I am pretty sure it was a compilation of every pillow and blanket that we own, draped over couches and chairs, while the floor was littered with their favorite toys (which ends up being every. single. toy!). 

I noticed little feet and arms sticking out of their makeshift tents, as they laughed and chatted back and forth — and yes, there was some bickering too. But as I watched them interact and just have fun together as siblings, I started thinking about how we, as Christians, are all part of God’s family. 

I don’t know if you’ve heard the song by Lanny Wolfe, but he said it much better than I ever could. I promise it will be worth the extra minute it takes to read:

We’re part of the family 
That’s been born again 
Part of the family 
Whose love knows no end 
For Jesus has saved us 
And made us His own 
Now we’re part of the family 
That’s on its way home 

And sometimes we laugh together 
Sometimes we cry 
Sometimes we share together 
Heartaches and sighs 
Sometimes we dream together 
Of how it will be 
When we all get to heaven 
God’s family 

When a brother meets sorrow 
We all feel his grief 
When he’s passed through the valley 
We all feel relief 
Together in sunshine, together in rain 
Together in victory 
Through His precious name 

And though some go before us 
We’ll all meet again 
Just inside that city 
As we enter in 
There’ll be no more parting 
With Jesus we’ll be 
Together forever, God’s family 

I’m just so thankful that we are not in this journey alone. We are so blessed to have those around us to encourage, challenge, and love us, and we have the opportunity to reach out and do the same for others. What a privilege!

Be encouraged, 


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