by | June 25, 2010

Today was Andy’s Birthday.
When I think of Andy, I think of faithfulness. Andy has demonstrated faithfulness when it comes to the ministry up here in the Northwoods. Day in and day out, rain, snow, or shine, he serves here. Regardless of whether we are hosting a large conference with a lot of staff or he is the only one on the property, he faithfully carries out his responsibilities as Director of the Northwoods Conference Center. I have had the privilege of working with Andy over the past couple of years. Andy has taught me a lot about people and how things function and operate. I have been amazed at Andy’s availability in being ready to drop whatever he is doing to assist someone in need. Andy has been a true blessing to my life as a friend and example.

Happy Birthday Andy! May this year be the best you have experienced as you realize that the best is yet to come. 

In honor of Andy’s Bday, we had dinner down by the lake with his family and enjoyed some water activities. =) Fun times…

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