by | June 23, 2010

Last week was great. In addition to having a Journey here, I got to spend the week with Joey and friends. God did some great things in the hearts and lives of the young men who came. God used my Dad and the other leaders to accomplish His purposes. Fallow ground was broken up, lives were surrendered, issues of the past were dealt with and forgiven, and God was ultimately glorified through this Journey.
I was able to go home with the Journey to see my family before coming back up. We had to say good by to Vince and Ange as they headed home. They have been such a blessing to the Northwoods staff over these past six weeks. We sure are going to miss them.

I am back in Northwoods now, with Joe, Liz, and Andy. Things are quiet, but I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks as we prepare for the next Journey and the upcoming conferences. There is much work to be done.


 Chad… =)

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