busy day

by | March 24, 2010

It’s been a great one…and I am pretty tired. Spent most of it working on some landscaping and pulling stakes. I even got some sun…though it was not that warm (mid 50’s). I have also been busy battling the multitudes of cluster flies that have seemingly taken up permanent residence in the Lodge. We are trying to come up with solution and a plan for our problem. I guess we will see what happens. =) Tomorrow, it looks like I will probably be working on school. So, happy times there.
I was blessed with a wonderful gift this week from my Mom. She sent up a coffee maker with Tabby. It was pretty exciting. The staff here have enjoyed your gift as well as I have…thanks Mom. =)
The girls Journey arrived yesterday evening and things seem to be going well. 
It has been great having Tabby up here…though she is really busy and I do not get to see her much. =)

good times. 

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