Can you say…BUSY?

by | April 21, 2010

That’s what the past couple of weeks have been. Such a variety of work and activity, it can be pretty exciting at times. I have thoroughly enjoyed it even though it leaves you really tired at the end of each day. =)
I wanted to post some pictures of different things that I have been too busy to blog about. I often find it hard to carry around my camera to take pictures of me working (rather hard with an SLR). But occasionally, someone else will snap a shot of me while I am working (me? working? imagine that =).
Last week, the guys Journey finished up here. I was also able to get my second midterm exam done, which was a huge blessing. 
I am really happy to have my brother Nate working with me up here at the Northwoods for a few weeks. Currently, it’s just Nate and I at the Lodge. Pretty cool. =)
Anyways. This post was not supposed to be special or anything, just wanted to share some pictures and let you know what’s going on. I will have to admit that the majority of the pictures make it look like I am doing nothing, which is ok I guess…but just so you know, it’s not always like that. =) BTW…I can’t take credit for any of these pics…they were all shot by friends. =)

Busy, but fun times.

 ~ Isa. 43:10

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