Fall Time

by | October 11, 2016

fall-days-3Fall is really here! And with all the beautiful changes of the season, Erin and I are enjoying the fall-days-4beautiful changes in our little family.
I can’t get over how much Carson has grown. He is starting to build his little vocabulary with cute little words that melt your heart. He has absolutely loved being outside with daddy and Max, walking through the leaves that have already begun to gather, or riding in his little wagon, taking in all the sights around him. I Love how fascinated he can be with the smallest things, that we as grown-ups would many times overlook. The smallest twig can create such an excitement in his little being!….bugs are definitely the best!…and the beautiful fall leaves are simply the most exciting things going. I love it. I love how he finds so much joy in the simple things of life. We love him to death!fall-days-5
fall-days-6Brooklyn is our precious little peanut. Although she can be quite fussy, she has these big, beautiful eyes that look into mine with so much attentiveness and wonder.I’m always curious as to what she can perceive and even what her little mind is thinking. Her favorite way for daddy to hold her is facing out, so she can see what’s going on in our crazy, little house. She makes it even harder for me to leave for work now.
Erin is as beautiful as ever. She is also busy as ever with our two little munchkins, teaching piano lessons, doing the final wrap up on her newest Lullaby cd, and keeping up with the rest of the family. She is such an amazing girl! She always makes me laugh, even when I don’t feel like it or have had a long day at work. Every time I think about us being together I just marvel at how blessed I am and how good God is. I think we make the best team…(she is really the “best” part of our team…I just add to the team =). I can’t imagine our lives getting any busier, or our hearts being any fuller.
We have our long days, we have nights of no sleep…blowout diapers…spit-up showers…Max chewing on things he shouldn’t…fall-days-2but these are all things we learn to laugh at, because we know this season of life will be over so soon, and the memories we are making together are so much more important. fall-days-1They may not “feel” like good things at the moment, but when I take a step back and look at my circumstances with a grateful heart, everything changes. I am then not looking at those things that can overwhelm us as parents, but rather I am looking at the beautiful lives that make our family what it is….special….priceless…home…a family.
I love it……I hope you do too!



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