Brooklyn Elise

by | September 17, 2016

typ-118August 6th will always be a special day for our little family. Brooklyn Elise came into this world that wonderful morning, filling our hearts with so much joy and gratefulness. Beautiful, precious, and simply perfect – she was an answer to so many prayers, hopes, and dreams.
The delivery couldn’t have gone any smoother. Erin had felt some pretty strong contractions the evening before the delivery and we decided that since we were close to the hospital at the time, it would be good to check in and make sure everything was all right. We found out that Erin was indeed progressing and in labor.


We were both very nervous thinking back to Carson’s birth. We could only hope and pray that things would be different this time. typ-109Once Erin got settled in, and the necessary protocol out of the way, we were able to see that the baby was doing well via monitors. Erin was able to get an epidural which was truly a blessing.
A few hours later, we met little miss Brooklyn Elise for the first time. She brought tears to both our eyes. We couldn’t be happier, and more relieved than we were at that moment. We both had looked forward to this day for so long! We were thrilled!

We just want to thank the Lord and thank so many who stood by our sides, prayed for us, and encouraged us through this beautiful chapter in our lives! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We hope that between catching up on sleep, keeping track of Carson (and our puppy =), and loving life, we can keep you updated on our little Princess. =)

Love you all!

Chad, Erin, Carson, & lil’ Brooklyntyp-157



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