I Love You Day

by | March 18, 2013

What does it mean when a person says….
……..”I Love You“??……..
There can be so many different interpretations of that simple, yet profound, statement of affection. The word “Love” must be defined if we were able to begin to understand the depths of its meaning! Genuine Love has no ulterior motive…it is giving without having an expectation of anything in return. Love is key in any relationship. =)

This past week, I had the wonderful privilege of spending time with my Precious Sweetheart, Erin. <3<3
We went out on a special date for Valentines day (though it was way past Valentines =(. The Bates Family affectionately calls Valentines, “I Love You Day” =). I was so happy to take my Girl out on a special “I Love You” date! It was so precious! We had awesome food, fellowship….and photographers! (BIG GRIN) It was truly an unforgettable evening! I find that no matter what Erin and I do together, we always have the BEST of times! Whether its cleaning the kitchen after a meal, going on a walk, running an errand, or just sitting together…it is simply the BEST ever! I absolutely LOVE getting to know my Best Friend…my Forever Friend!
As you get to know a person, you begin to understand how they think and learn how they respond to different situations. You also get to see their weaknesses and the things that they need to grow in…this is when being a true friend is so important!! Erin is a true friend to me! As we have gotten closer, she has seen my weaknesses and my flaws and she has loved me in spite of my shortcomings! This is a true Friend! Proverbs 17:17a came alive as I thought about what Erin meant to me. “A friend loveth at all times…”
Even when I am not loving or I am not responding as I should in a situation, Erin has demonstrated a true Love that has challenged me to my core.

Thank you so much Honey, For Loving Him first…and then Loving me even when I don’t deserve it! =”)

I Love You, Erin!
  Psalm 121:1-2
<3<3                               ~ Yf….Always 

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