This Part of Me

by | February 23, 2013

I am really proud to put up this post about my brother, Tommy Boy.
Through his dedication, my parents encouragement, and the inspiration of many others, Thomas has cut his first CD. I am so pumped about it! =D
 One of my favorite things to do at the end of a days work would be to lay back and listen to my bro play music that flowed from his heart through his fingers onto the piano…I loved it!.
The Cd that he recently made is a compilation of his own melodies, save one song. =) His creativity amazes me! He is looking to cut a new CD of spiritual songs soon!  I absolutely LOVE this CD (and I am not just biased!…LOL)!!!

Hear the CD for yourself at …

I know that you will really be blessed by it as I have been!

~ Chad…Psalm 121:1-2
…. hf ….

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