Nate is 21

by | August 18, 2011

My second younger brother has always inspired me. I guess the one thing about him that inspires me more than anything else is his passion for life. First and foremost, his passion for Jesus Christ is the center of his life. He loves the Lord and is striving to follow Him wherever He leads. 
After Jesus, Nate is passionate about anything he sets his mind to! From sports to work…to simple conversation, Nate exudes an energy about him that makes me love spending time with him!
I love Nate. He is real. And I like, REAL people. I want to be more like him. =)
I had the privelage of going with some friends to a great BBQ place to celebrate Nate’s birthday…it was great.
God bless you Nate!…I am going to miss you!

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