Our Honeymoon

by | December 28, 2013

     Our Honeymoon was so sweet, romantic, and full of memories! It was a wonderful start to our married life, and I know we will both cherish it forever. We were able to plan it together, which made it extra special! It was time of reflecting on all God had done for us and the generosity and sacrifice of countless people! It was also a time of rejoicing and looking expectantly to what God had in store for us in the days to come. 

 Our Honeymoon began in Tennessee… We chose to stay a few nights here before flying out to Ireland, which was our final destination. We stayed in an adorable cabin called “Moonlight and Roses,” nestled deep in the Smoky Mountains. 
It was such a wonderful start to our romantic adventure together!
         We arrived in Shannon, Ireland, and stayed at a very elegant hotel called “Oak Wood Arms Hotel.” We both loved it and really hated to leave, but we had a house awaiting us on the beautiful Dingle Peninsula, in County Kerry, Ireland. It is really hard to describe the views that we enjoyed over the time we stayed; It was amazing…breathtaking…stunning… and simply indescribable! It didn’t seem real! The pictures certainly do not do it justice; it was one of the most magnificent places we have ever been! We were awe-struck by the beauty that surrounded us! The ocean was to the East of us, a grassy slope was to the North, and the rest was the gorgeous valley that proceeded the town of Dingle.  We traveled mostly in the south-western part of Ireland. We
drove ourselves around the Island in a small manual Skoda. It was seriously
a blast, although it took a little time getting used to driving on the left side of the
road,  sitting on the right side of the car, and shifting with my left
hand! =) We took a day and drove up the coast to the magnificent Cliffs of Moher. It was unbelievably awesome, and completely unforgettable!! It was all one great adventure! We were so happy and privileged to be there!

One of the supreme highlights of our trip was stopping for an Irish banquet at the Bunratty Castle. It was extremely romantic… with live Celtic music in a candle-lit atmosphere; we were elated!

We made so many special memories…shopping, taking pictures, walks, exploring, sight-seeing, eating cheese cake, driving along the Irish countryside, talking, laughing, cuddling, kissing, romantic dinners, hugging, sipping tea and coffee, and just enjoying each other…it was precious! We know we are blessed beyond measure and we are so grateful for our time there. God has been so good, faithful, and loving in our lives. Our honeymoon was almost like a fairy tale, and it was definitely a dream come true for us both! 
We hope you enjoy the pictures!
~ Her Fella…
                       …for Always
                                              …for Forever
                                               …for her Only

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