the past two weeks

by | July 7, 2011

The week in Cali was busy! We didn’t have much time to do a whole lot except staff the conference. It was good. So as you can see…I don’t have too any pics. =)
July 4th found Tabby, Tommy Boy, Nate, and myself at a farm house west of Chicago. We had the privelage of sharing the day with a wonderful family that we met through the ministry. It was a good day in the country spending together as siblings along with good friends. I really miss the rest of the fam who are still in Oklahoma…but the wait makes me look forward to their return all the more… =)

God really has been challenging me through O. Chambers for the past couple of mornings. I am so amazed at how often God will use the truth of what Chambers says to encourage me, reprove me, and draw me closer to Himself. I was challenged and encouraged by this one…I hope you are too!


Chad… =)

“…God gives us a vision, and then He takes us down to the valley to batter us into the shape of that vision. It is in the valley that so many of us give up and faint. Every God-given vision will become real if we will only have patience. Just think of the enormous amount of free time God has! He is never in a hurry. Yet we are always in such a frantic hurry. While still in the light of the glory of the vision, we go right out to do things, but the vision is not yet real in us. God has to take us into the valley and put us through fires and floods to batter us into shape, until we get to the point where He can trust us with the reality of the vision. Ever since God gave us the vision, He has been at work. He is getting us into the shape of the goal He has for us, and yet over and over again we try to escape from the Sculptor’s hand in an effort to batter ourselves into the shape of our own goal.
The vision that God gives is not some unattainable castle in the sky, but a vision of what God wants you to be down here. Allow the Potter to put you on His wheel and whirl you around as He desires. Then as surely as God is God, and you are you, you will turn out as an exact likeness of the vision. But don’t lose heart in the process. If you have ever had a vision from God, you may try as you will to be satisfied on a lower level, but God will never allow it.”

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