So ThankFULL

by | November 25, 2012

This Thanksgiving time has truly given me time to reflect and ponder on the things that I am most grateful for. There is so much that I have to be thankful for that it is really overwhelming to try and think about it all! God has been so GOOD, beyond anything that I could ever have dreamed or imagined! I am so undeserving of  His mercy and grace upon my life! He has been faithful to guide and direct me every step of the way! I am most grateful for The Work that He did on Calvary for me! I know that if it weren’t for His redeeming grace, I would not be where I am today. =)
I am also sooo thankful for the people that God has brought into my life to challenge me to be the person that He desires! I know that God has used specific people to draw me to Himself and challenge me spiritually! I have been so overwhelmed by this area in my life! Especially this year! =)
I have purposed to keep looking up to Him and thanking HIM for ALL His wondrous blessings! He is SO GOOD! As I look ahead to what God has in the future, I will constantly look to Him and remember His goodness in the past, His grace that He gives for the present, and the strength that He will give for the future!

be blessed . . . and keep lookin’ UP! =’)

~ Chad

 ~ my Utmost for His highest ~
Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters . . . ,
so our eyes look to the Lord our God . . . Psalm 123:2


This verse is a description of total reliance on God. Just as the
eyes of a servant are riveted on his master, our eyes should be directed
to and focused on God. This is how knowledge of His countenance is
gained and how God reveals Himself to us (see Isaiah 53:1).
Our spiritual strength begins to be drained when we stop lifting our
eyes to Him. Our stamina is sapped, not so much through external
troubles surrounding us but through problems in our thinking. We
wrongfully think, “I suppose I’ve been stretching myself a little too
much, standing too tall and trying to look like God instead of being an
ordinary humble person.” We have to realize that no effort can be too

For example, you came to a crisis in your life, took a stand for God,
and even had the witness of the Spirit as a confirmation that what you
did was right. But now, maybe weeks or years have gone by, and you are
slowly coming to the conclusion— “Well, maybe what I did showed too much
pride or was superficial. Was I taking a stand a bit too high for me?”
Your “rational” friends come and say, “Don’t be silly. We knew when you
first talked about this spiritual awakening that it was a passing
impulse, that you couldn’t hold up under the strain. And anyway, God
doesn’t expect you to endure.” You respond by saying, “Well, I suppose I
was expecting too much.” That sounds humble to say, but it means that
your reliance on God is gone, and you are now relying on worldly
opinion. The danger comes when, no longer relying on God, you neglect to
focus your eyes on Him. Only when God brings you to a sudden stop will
you realize that you have been the loser. Whenever there is a spiritual
drain in your life, correct it immediately. Realize that something has
been coming between you and God, and change or remove it at once.

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