My SweetHeart’s Birthday

by | July 23, 2013

There is not another person in the whole world whose birthday has more meaning than my Best Friends birthday…Erin Elise. <3<3
I had the honor and privilege of spending that special day with her in Tennessee! It was her birthday that I was able to be at and we had SOOOOO much fun together!
Even though the week of her birthday was a really busy one, we were able to have a wonderful time together…just being together! Erin had final exams that morning, so I got up a little earlier to surprise her by decorating the vehicle that we were driving to school that day! She was surprised!

After school, I wanted to get a pair of shoes for Erin as a birthday gift, and I decided to go pick them out with her with some of our siblings. Then we looked at wedding rings together just for fun! This was a first for both of us I think! I wanted some ideas of what Erin liked because I didn’t want to be totally in the dark in getting the perfect ring for her. =)

The wonderful day ended in going to eat at a lakeside restaurant with Mr. and Mrs. Bates. It couldn’t have been more perfect!! So romantic and special! We can’t wait to got back! <3<3
We are both really excited about getting married! I know many people have been asking for a date! =D We are till deciding between two dates! Please continue to pray that God gives me wisdom in making decisions! We are REALLY looking forward to the next chapter in our Love-Story together! And we can’t wait to share it with you all!

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