With Erin at Grandpa & Grandmas

by | July 21, 2013

It’s been a long time since I have taken a road trip to Florida with the family! This May, the entire family was able to go and visit Grandpa and Grandma in Brooksville, Florida! It was such an awesome trip! The one downside to the trip was that Nate couldn’t make it! ='( We REALLY missed him! We had wonderful time of fellowship, visiting, swimming, walking, talking, and just being together! It was so good to see Grandpa and Grandma!! It has been waaaayyyyyy tooooo long!! It was really special!

I have been to Florida several times, but this time was extra special…the best trip ever…Because I was with my very Best Friend, Erin. <3<3 I wanted Erin to meet my Grandparents and it worked out that we were able to both go and see them along with some of the other members of the Bates family! It was really special having Erin there!
One of the many highlights of the trip was going to the beach one morning! Even though it was rather cool weather, we really enjoyed walking the small beach, looking for crabs, building a sandcastle…getting wet…and just having fun!We also got some GREAT pictures!
Erin and I enjoyed sitting down with Grandpa and Grandma and just asking questions about their lives and how God has directed them over the years! Our family has been really blessed with a godly heritage! Grandma and Grandpa have served so faithfully for years over seas  in India, Sierra Leone, Zambia, and other parts of the world!! They have been such an inspiration and example for us all in serving the Lord and loving Him first!Both Erin and I are really challenged by their amazing example.The trip was super special!
Please pray for my Grandma as she has several health issues that are a concern and is battling cancer! ='( Every day is a gift from the Lord, and we don’t know how much more time we have left here on this earth. Please pray that God would heal my Grandma if it be His will!  We trust the Lord for the future and are so very grateful for the times that we can share with them both!

~ Chad…Psalm 121:1-2 ~

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