To My Valentine:

by | February 14, 2016

Dearest Erin,

   Happy Valentines Day! This is a really special time of year as I think back to the Valentines banquet six years ago where we first met. You caught my eye…and more than that…you caught my heart. My heart just warms as I think about how sweet and shy you were that evening. I wondered what you were thinking. I couldn’t keep my focus on the game that we were playing…my eyes kept wandering to you. There was something about you that was so enchanting, so beautiful, so pure, so lovely. Now I know that those things were only a small part of the beauty that I know treasure in you.You were my dream come true, the answer to so many prayers, the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.
   My dream is you…and anything that has to do with you. I wish I could adequately put into words how much you mean to me. Your example of love, friendship, sacrifice, and Christ-likeness, inspires me to be the man that God wants me to be. Thank you for being my best friend… =’)

    I love you to the moon back, Erin!  


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