Photoshoot, Ogima

by | April 3, 2010

Recently, I have been in Chicago enjoying some time with my family over Easter. The weather has been great. Even this morning, with a little bit of clouds and rain, it still is real refreshing. =)

This past week has been full. Full of activity, work, fun, and…just life. A highlight of the week was an early morning photo shoot off of a point on Ogima Lake. There was nobody there but me and God and creation. It proved to be simply awesome. Not that the pictures were out of this world, but just by being out there alone, early in the morning, and capturing a beautiful sunrise was simply inspiring and well worth it.

You can never know for certain what a sunrise will look like, because each one is different (that’s why I love watching them and taking pictures…I guess that goes for sunsets too =). I think one of the greatest challenges for a photographer is to try and capture the same message that God paints in real life on a digital file…it can be tough. =)
Anyways. Here are some of the shots that I took…it was a blast.

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