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We realize how important it is to teach your children what is wrong and right throughout each day, but we feel it is even more important to give them a foundation that is from God’s own word. We wanted to find specific verses that would correlate with different negative behaviors our children portray at times, and be able to replace it with God’s truth. There is a paraphrase on the back for the little hearts (age 2-5), as well as more in depth questions for those (age 5+). It is our desire that you would take the time to teach these verses to your child, and utilize them in your day-to-day parenting. We would encourage you to start asking thought-provoking questions to help you understand the heart of your child and help them align their heart with God’s, using scripture as a tool. You will never regret taking the time to invest in eternity – especially when it is your little one. You’re equipping them with everything they need.
You’re a life changer!

Material: Matte Laminated cardstock
Contents: Letters A – Z with corresponding verses/applications
Bible Version: KJV

Cards come with a single 2″ binder clasp ring for easy handling.
Note: The double sided matte lamination gives these cards a great feel as well as added durability for continued use.

6 reviews for ABC Scripture Cards

  1. Ashley Qurollo

    I received these cards as a gift from a dear older friend. She had no idea of my desire for them, and we rejoiced in God’s special ways of meeting desires and needs through His working. I am beyond excited to have these as a resource for my children. The talking points and notes on the back of the cards bring the scriptures to a level of practical living.

  2. Jennifer Luttrell (verified owner)

    Yet another amazing example of God’s Word! Thank you Erin and Chad!

  3. Caroline Davis (verified owner)

    I cannot wait to use these scripture cards, great quality and beautiful to look at. Thank you for not only helping others know Jesus, but providing the tools to also lead our children to Christ.

  4. Jennifer Vince (verified owner)

    I love these ABC cards! They are very well made, Love the talking points as well. These cards are amazing for any age or stage of life. Thank you, they are great

  5. Ruth Tieman (verified owner)

    The ABC cards are beautiful. I love them. Thank you so much!

  6. Monica Putnam (verified owner)

    The ABC cards are beautiful yet sturdy so I am not afraid of bending in use. I have already used them twice after school today with my 10 year old granddaughter and it was great! A beautiful way to redirect attention to honoring our Father. Thank you!

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