Man Cards & Leather Holder Set


The Man Cards are a simple tool to help you start a routine of hiding God’s word in your heart. Each of the 30 cards focus on a specific character trait with synonyms to help them come alive. They have the corresponding scripture on the reverse side. We designed these cards to be durable, compact, and readily accessible throughout your day.

The set comes with a Genuine Leather card holder and your choice of color. This rugged holder protects and keeps the set together.


  • The 30 Man Cards are made from a heavy cardstock with a durable matte lamination on both sides. Corners are rounded.
  • Bible Version: KJV
  • Dimensions: Standard business card size (15 Man Cards fit in each side, once folded, this card wallet carries great in a pocket.)
  • Note: Due to the nature of genuine leather, shades of color may vary.

This Set Contains:

The Man Cards

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Leather Holder

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