Leather Wallet Holder


I love the smell of leather! These holders are hand crafted by our friends in the mighty Ozarks. Made with Top Grain Leather, they come in varying shades of oil tan leather. This rugged little wallet protects and keeps the set together. They work really well as a minimalist-style wallet that you can carry your ID, bank cards, and just the Scripture cards you are working on! This holder works perfect with the Man Cards, Women of Purpose Cards, and the Psalm 91 set!

The Details…
– Dimensions: 5.75×4.5″ when laid flat (15 standard business cards fit in each side with room)
– Cardholders are made with Top Grain Leather
– Once folded, this card wallet carries great in a pocket.
– Note: Due to the nature of top grain leather, shades of color may vary, as well as the visibility of personalized engravings.

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