Card Stand – Hand Crafted


Bestseller and cost-friendly card holder stand that displays ALL of our Scripture Cards. Handcrafted in our shop, these stands are a minimalistic way to display God’s Word, from the wallet-sized Man Cards to the well-loved Promise Cards. These pine card stands can hold a single card (up to 4 or so) for display on a desk, shelf, or any other prominent place to be reminded of God’s truth! If you want a smaller stand to save a few $$, get the MINI stand!


Size: Mini (2″) & Regular (5″)
Material: Pine

Colors: Natural or Stained
Handcrafted: Made in-house by Paine Construction

1 review for Card Stand - Hand Crafted

  1. Jennifer Vince (verified owner)

    I Love these!! They work perfectly to hold & display the cards. They are very well made, sturdy, look beautiful, and the wood smells so good. I keep buying more and more to display cards around my house.

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