Women of Purpose Cards


The Women of Purpose cards are a simple tool to help you start a routine of hiding God’s word in your heart. Meditating on God’s Word is vital as Christians and that always begins with memorization. Each of the 30 cards focus on a specific character trait with synonyms to help them come alive. They have the corresponding scripture on the reverse side. We designed these cards to be durable, compact, and readily accessible throughout your day.

The Details…
– Set includes 30 cards that are laminated for durability with rounded corners
– Matte lamination over card stock
– Bible verse in KJV
– Standard business card size


Only 100 left in stock

3 reviews for Women of Purpose Cards

  1. Joanna E McKinney

    I love these cards! I hope you will not discontinue them as there are many people who love and prefer using the KJV and it is often hard to find items that use the KJV. I plan to buy the cards and leather wallet for friends for a gift. Thank you for producing this beautiful product.
    The only thing I would update on this product is the font — to make it easier to read the verses. But perhaps if one made it larger all the verse would not fit on one card.

  2. Ruth (verified owner)

    I love these so much that I have repurchased them to give to friends. Beautiful cards and nice quality. Highly recommend! Thank you Chad+Erin!

  3. Taylor Ellison (verified owner)

    these cards are SUCH a blessing! i have bought many, for the little girls who i nanny.these are such an amazing resource to think upon God’s will for godly womanhood. i personally go through the stack one-by-one and incorporate each into my nighttime prayers, asking the Lord to conform me into His image daily, in particular to each trait of His will for godly womanhood… and i am so thankful to give these to my little nanny girls so that they may grow up knowing what is pleasing to God, looking to Him and being conformed to Him, rather than looking to and being conformed to the world! these cards are such a blessing! and i am ESPECIALLY thankful that they are in KJV!!❤️❤️

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